I started taking photographs like many people do, to have a record of the places and people I have been fortunate to visit and meet. This has developed first into a hobby and, more recently, into something of an obsession as I began to realise that what I saw through the lens was much more than simply "people" and "things".

The faces, the body language all provide so much expression and emotion. The places and objects that show so much history, the wear and tear, the memories that objects hold and only reveal when they are explored.

In recent years I have become more fascinated with expression. Expression of both people and objects and how they interact.

I am now a Getty Contributory photographer.

I take one of my cameras with me wherever I go and love the journey of discovery that "we" undertake together.

Nothing would give me more pleasure than selling a photograph and knowing that you find something within the shot that makes you smile whenever you see it.

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